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Dr. Don Jones

President of MCT and MCT International

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Dr. Don Jones grew up in the ministry and is a fourth generation preacher. His father, Don E. Jones, served as a Pastor for the Assemblies of God until 1968 when hebecame a missionary to Mexico, Haiti, and Jamaica. His Grandfather, Rev E.E. Jones, is listed in the archives of the Assemblies of God as one of the founders of the organization.

It has been said that if you want to see the greatness of a man, don't look at his bank account or his accomplishments; look at his children. This will tell the story of the man.

Dr. Jones has four chidren ad seven grandchildren. He and his wife Jerri Ann were married in June of 1977. Their children all serve the Lord and are actively serving in ministry.

Here are a few of Dr. Jones' Accomplishments:

- Traveled to 27 countries for missions work

- Physically built churches in Haiti, Mexico, and US

- First Anglo American to step foot on and take the Gospel to the Island of LaGanove, Haiti

- First person to take the Gospel to Santa Rita, Mexico which was known for it's witchcraft in

  Old Mexico

- First person to take the Gospel to Real De Lacorse, Mexico (a major center for the New Age

  Movement in Latin America

- First person to take the Gospel to areas only reached by horseback in Sierra Madres, Mexico

- Founded three churches in the United States and served in Pastoral Ministry for 26 years

- Served on the board for Crisis Pregnancy Center for several years

- Became the manager in Southwest Missouri for a major insurance company

- Obtained his doctorate, TH.D. from the Norh Carolina College of Theology

- Establishing accredited colleges across the U.S., Haiti, and Old Mexico

- The Founder of the Tavern Creek Horse Ranch; a center established to do Father/Son Retreats

   teaching Fathers to be a great DAD

- Founder and President of Midwest College of Theology

- Founder and President of Midwest International

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