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Statute 20, United States Code, §1232g and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, hereafter, referred to as the Code, requires that each student be notified of the rights accorded him or her by the Code. The following is provided as basic general information relative to the Code: The Code provided for the institution to establish a category of student information termed directory information. When available in college records, any information falling in the category of directory information will be available to all persons on request, i.e., the IRS, FBI, or other government agencies, and for use in MCT publications.

MCT has identified the following student data as “directory information”:
1. Name

2. Street address, city, state, (Zip)
3. Telephone listing4. Race
5. Date & place of birth

6. Major field of study
7. Church membership

8. Denominational affiliation
9. Dates of attendance10. Degrees & awards received
11. Most-recent previous educational institution attended

All other information, such as health and medical records, disciplinary records, records of personal counseling, required student and family financial income records, transcripts or student permanent academic records, student placement records and other personally identifiable information shall be open for inspection only to the student and such members of the professional staff of the college as have responsibility for working with the student.


Such information will not be released to second parties without consent of the student. Except as required for use by the President in the discharge of his official responsibilities as prescribed by laws, regulations of the state board, and board policies, the designated custodian of such records may release information from these records to others only upon authorization in writing from the student or upon a subpoena by a court of competent jurisdiction.



When completing your application to this college, you were required to indicate by your signature that you were notified of yourrights as recorded by Statute 20, United States Code, Section 1232g. If you were not so notified, or if you did not complete and sign such an application, please notify your Campus Director.

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